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In headier times, Beijing encouraged companies to lock up raw materials, and Sinosteel did just that.
On my way up there, it struck me that the last time I was at the Garden was for Game 5 of the NHL Eastern Conference semifinals in early May--a game to which my very generous friends Chris and Headier invited me along with another close friend from college.
10) Treble voices desiring a headier quality (women and countertenors) should stay in close timbre until the pitch of the first formant (and whoop timbre) is attained.
Now it's been improved, with power up to an even headier 381bhp.
This story of a young mother's nervous breakdown in the face of financial ruin displays more than enough rough-andtumble directorial nerve, coupled with bristling socioeconomic critique, to magnetize those accustomed to the headier demands of Greek New Wave cinema.
Having Spieth snapping at his heels, on the course and in the rankings, should motivate him to raise his own game to even headier heights.
When times were headier in energy markets, investors embraced -- or at least tolerated -- debt and complexity in corporate structures.
In Q3 2012, it climbed back to a much headier 90 percent and has been holding steady since.
The result tends to be smokier and headier than tequila.
Also, whether an underlying Arab nationalism, which seemed fleetingly apparent during the headier days of the Arab Spring, can be a unifying force is something only Arab leaders and their constituents can answer.
At The Fatty Bao, we highly recommend trying its signature cocktail menu - which includes one-of-a-kind alcohol-infused concoctions such as isfahaan (vodka, grape juice, rose syrup and lychee juice); fatty sour (fresh raspberries, whisky, lime and sugar); Mandalay bay (jasmine tea infused with vodka) and double jade (gin blended with kiwi, khus and kaffir lime) - each joyously headier than the next.
But the United States may not be in a position to meet some of Modi's headier expectations, like winning investments in a huge infrastructure building program.