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In the corporate world, some of the headiest conversations center on upcoming or recently completed business acquisition deals.
Enjoy lunch here, then head up the hill towards the track and prepare to be uplifted by the headiest view in British racing.
For ladies, Sex And The City is the headiest film of the year - like having an extra glass of wine or two with a meal.
41) [I acknowledge that I've been very daring; I've thrown myself down the most slippery slopes and tried to scale the headiest heights, without the skills to do so; but should we not in fact be sporting in all senses of the word?
Comedy, however, flourished on the Italian and French stages during the headiest years of Aristotelian theory.
The two second-half strikes were enough to beat UCD and now puts Pat Scully's men in their headiest position yet this season, just three points off the top, albeit having played a game extra.
Nevertheless, the trajectory of China's growth rate has actually been similar to that of Japan and Korea during their headiest days of growth," Ms.
With his eleventh feature, Linklater has either made the headiest movie about dope since Drugstore Cowboy or the fluffiest movie about technology since the era of industrial documentaries--maybe both.
Jennifer is one of the headiest people I've ever met and she picks up things so easily.
For a waft of fragrance plus glorious colour, choose hyacinths, which have the headiest scent of all spring bulbs and flower from as early as February.
Executives welcomed the chance to own options on stock that--it seemed during the market's headiest days--would only increase in value.
Thus, the headiest moments of Willoughby de Broke's incipient political career came in the wake of his bitterest political setback.