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Having disclaimed my investment in believing that life in the first world, circa 2010, is somehow more nasty, brutish end short than life in other times and places, I headily accede to Dr.
We drove along rugged roads, through carpets of wild flowers and breezes headily scented with aromatic herbs all growing wild.
Government officials sounded headily optimistic Monday as they fielded questions from local and international reporters about a new report on the extent of Afghanistan's mineral wealth that suggests considerable potential for products other than opium, which until now has been the country's most lucrative export.
wanting to die, the invisible black grass jeering her headily on, the
Unlike transportation systems for travel in geographical space the means for virtual communication, virtual travel and virtual presence are advancing and spreading headily nowadays.
India Today put me on the cover, the likes of Rekha and Dimple Kapadia wanted to wear my clothes and I got sucked into the world of Indian fashion which was pubescent and headily hormonal in that way.
Then we will be in to Royal Ascot - hopefully with views of the action, and without tears - and the whole charabanc of the Flat will roll headily on through high summer to the autumn culminations of the Arc and, for the gilded few, the Breeders' Cup.
To consider Cuba to be more important than Berlin at such a moment, when in Berlin, in all likelihood, a crisis is headily ripening .
Aromatic spices and exotic trade routes mingle headily in this lush, evocative history.
This headily pleasant and informative event which was followed by a meal of predictable excellence.
But I suspect that there is another market, which values serenity and beauty, perhaps because they're at a stage in their lives where the future is not so headily uncertain and their enemies have less influence over their lifestyle.