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As a coach, and a former player, you want to think it's your discipline, defense or headiness that gets the crowd going, but one good dunk is worth all of those things put together.
Song 9 is an indulgent complaint about the headiness of wives generally and what headache they are to their husbands and in-laws.
The headiness of this philosophical dialogue is offset by W.
It seemed as if he'd had seriousness stamped into him (despite the headiness of his subject matter, he's normally a bit of a goof).
Also like Tales, Q tapped into the uncertainty and headiness of the 20and 30-something generations but still managed to go down real easy thanks to its uplift and humor.
Twenty years since the Wall was overwhelmed, to put it that way (it did not really fall; it was pushed); it takes a re-read of the work of Timothy Garton Ash, among others, to recall the headiness of the times.
To me, if there was something that epitomised the headiness of the dotcom days, it was Sula Tuesday.
This is where the imagination of the artist/filmmaker offers a space without the headiness of text or words (i.
ISLAMABAD, 11 June, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) taking serious notice of the ever increasing incidents of the Police high headiness and Security Forces in the various parts of the country in which a number of journalists were implicated in false criminal cases, torturing, and physically assaulting on the Rawalpindi/ Islamabad journalist before the Parliament and firing by the security forces on AVT Khyber cameraman and driver in the lower Dir district of the NWFP have decided to launch country wide protest rallies on Friday (June 12).
This is both a love story that will take you back to the headiness of teenage love and a thriller that will grip you to its very last page.
A cup will be passed round among them with a drink from a flowing spring: clear, delicious to those who drink it, causing no headiness or intoxication.
Some may say it's just a little cold, and the headiness could be down to that 'wee' G&T before bed.