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After the last proper chapter (11), advocating religious engagement with art, an 'Afterword' (ch 12) leaves me even more concerned that the next generation may not know what all the headiness was about unless the vague but widespread presumption is overcome that postmodernity allows return out of ignorance to pre-modern normalcy, as if to the normalcy of the Fall.
But in an attempt to offer up thoughtfulness instead of headiness, our guide for this column is the successful international agent, Jehan Malherbe.
Questioning the high headiness of the government over the killing of innocent people in the US drone attack, Senator Hamza lamented that thousands of people were killed in the drone attack but the incumbent government failed to take concrete measure in this regard despite issuance statements against the attack.
Do not get carded away by the headiness and pressures of the campaign trail end mess up.
In the headiness of their escape, Sigmar Polke and Georg Baselitz struck out from the tabula rasa once forbidden to them, while Rauch, ever at home in Leipzig, continued to create large, illustrative figure compositions.
As a coach, and a former player, you want to think it's your discipline, defense or headiness that gets the crowd going, but one good dunk is worth all of those things put together.
For all the Stirring headiness of the new, the tropes of Arab revolution are all too familiar: the soundtrack is Bob Marley, and the vocabulary ransacked from Paris in '68: 'Derrida made deconstruction a manner of reading.
As a graduate student at the time, I remember feeling some of the headiness myself.
Song 9 is an indulgent complaint about the headiness of wives generally and what headache they are to their husbands and in-laws.
The headiness of this philosophical dialogue is offset by W.
Also like Tales, Q tapped into the uncertainty and headiness of the 20and 30-something generations but still managed to go down real easy thanks to its uplift and humor.
It seemed as if he'd had seriousness stamped into him (despite the headiness of his subject matter, he's normally a bit of a goof).