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It's a big yes because heading off to university is not only about studying, it is about untying yourself from your parents' apron strings and starting to stand on your own two feet.
Last night the nation decided who was heading off to Sweden and it was tough to be reminded that Jedward's reign is over.
The boat developer is heading off to convey a 50M auto ship and a 4100 dwt MPC transport to its European purchaser.
Nobody was evacuated from houses because the smoke was heading off in the other direction," he added.
36 at the weigh-in, before heading off to get a medium Fanta for pounds 11.
SCHOOL leavers everywhere are putting on their tuxes and ballgowns and heading off to dance the night away at leavers' balls.
Pike Place Market is the destination in Seattle for foodies, and Le Panier is the perfect place to start your tour before heading off to see flying fish, elephant garlic and vendors who sell everything from left-handed bread knives to the most perfect produce you've ever seen.
Another popular carving, the matau, or fish hook, is said to be good luck for fishermen heading off to sea.
The book ends with Rebecca and Doug heading off to find their parents, making readers eager for the sequel.