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As he lay resting on the skull-paved shelf, he saw in the center of the vault above the river another of those sinister round holes through which he momentarily expected to see a headless corpse shoot downward in its last plunge to a watery grave.
Such was one of the favorite haunts of the Headless Horseman, and the place where he was most frequently encountered.
He said relatives had identified the headless body as that of their kin, who was last seen alive on Monday evening while drinking with some neighbors.
In absence of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, the State is left headless, and deserves to be ruled by President of India through his emissaries.
And that seems to have culminated in a drive toward headless CMS solutions.
The grounds of the pub which dates back to at least 1610 are also said to be home to Old Leathery Coit a headless ghost in a battered leather coat that takes up a seat on a carriage pulled by headless horses.
IT seems every parish in the country has a headless horseman: a ghoul who gallops along deserted country lanes at the dead of night.
DNA tests on a headless torso found in the Baltic Sea matched missing journalist Kim Wall, police said yesterday.
The Headless Gladiators of York: Ancient Mysteries C5, 8pm In 2004, archaeologists made a macabre discovery while excavating a plot of land - they uncovered the remains of over 80 battle-scarred, headless skeletons.
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Sammy and the Headless Horseman is a ghostly mystery novel for young adults, perfect for the Halloween season.
Will the series' most beloved villain 6 The Headless Horseman 6 return in Season 4?