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In an interview to The Miami Heral d in 1986 he said: " The average guy probably thinks that whoever writes headlines for The Post probably never got past third grade.
According to Harrow, these headlines evoke a sense of curiosity from the reader that compels them to click into the article.
But it's not like we haven't tried to get them to write their own headlines.
I think there is a direct connection between the two contrasting headlines as, apparently, sexually abusing 14-year-old girls does not warrant a jail sentence in this country?
Too often in our business communications, boring headlines stop readers before they start.
And the best way to get on an editor's bad side is to load these headlines with irritating cliches or buzzwords.
RAMALLAH, July 30, 2011 (WAFA) ' The Arab Spring revolts dominated Saturday newspaper headlines, occupying more than half of the front pages in the two dailies, Al-Quds and Al-Ayyam.
It was a very sad event and I do not want to diminish it in any way, however I must protest at the constant pessimistic, downbeat, harmful, depressing, unenthusiastic front page headlines.
Locators should be used in headlines when necessary to tell the story.
The American Journal Review, a national magazine published six times a year, has a section called "Take 2" in each issue that lists a handful of humorous headlines from around the country.
John Kerry's campaign is running a new series of ads that feature newspaper headlines to suggest that all is not well in President George Bush's America.