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Now they are transferring the responsibility to village headmen but I am pretty sure they will allocate the tents to their fellows," Edemem said.
For example, the headmen of families will be consulted on various decisions to represent the view of the family.
Figure 7 is a group of Cheyenne headmen taken during a delegation visit to Washington in the 1890s.
Ideally, each district would have a chief assisted by paid headmen who, along with the magistrate assisted by police were responsible for enforcing the law.
The headmen were as astounded as we were at how isolated it was.
Caciques and priests also placed berdaches in temples so that lords and headmen might copulate with them at religious festivals (106-07).
They are run by Mr Ian Milton, one of the headmen at Fort William Golf Club.
Official credit sources are generally denied to the poor due to the biased attitudes of the headmen.
He made the call during his meeting with Arabian tribal headmen in the presence of the Minister of Interior Mohammad Ibrahim on Saturday evening, MENA news agency reported.
The state's Inspector General of Police, S M Sahai, told ANI in an interview in Srinagar that adequate measures were being taken to provide better security for headmen of villages in the state.
These vehicles are meant to facilitate traditional rulers' tours of their chiefdoms to ensure they are kept informed about what village headmen do in promoting national development.
On June 27, a total of 164,486 registered voters will cast votes at 633 ballot boxes all across TRNC in order to elect one deputy, 28 mayors, 268 municipal assembly members, 148 village headmen and 448 associates.