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Convenient locking position when not in use; headrest flips up for storage (and is completely out of the way).
In a poll, just 39 per cent of drivers said they adjust headrests and 26 per cent admitted they don't know how.
The headrest is easily adjusted with one hand offering 11 different height positions to suit your child as he grows.
said Tuesday that it will begin installing headrests in new car models that provide more protection for drivers and passengers when vehicles suffer rear impacts at low speed.
The unit comes with two headrests customized to your car model.
To maintain freshness, the citrus fragrances are blended with the polymer before the fabric is manufactured into crisp, clean white headrest covers bearing the First TransPennine Express company logo.
There are also new versions of the Espace, including one called the Tech Run which comes with a DVD DivX player with two seven-inch screens integrated into the headrests and multi-functional TunePoint allowing MP3 players such as iPods to be plugged in.
Alaska Airlines' version of Recaro's seat will include custom enhanced-comfort cushions, a six-way adjustable headrest and the carrier's standard three inches of recline.
Contract award: acquisition of an operating table and a headrest.
2) Simply clip the Car*go Handbag Hook to the base of the headrest post.
Designed to function with a double-articulating dental chair, this headrest can be used to treat adults, children and seniors.
In this context, its use as a headrest can be seen to be a ceremonial act.