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Wobbly, low or missing headrests will fail to prevent whiplash in emergencies, the charity says.
According to the report, if two-thirds of these could be prevented by better-fitted headrests and seats, claims would be cut by 370,500, with a saving of around pounds 1.
Earlier, we mentioned the Aerosheep cover came in two pieces, one for the headrest and the other for the rest of the seat.
The Ergohuman's headrest provides the user with the most suitable height to support the individual.
The newly-designed headrest is fully tilt adjustable featuring an integrated air pillow inside the cover which helps solve the problem of a child's head falling forward while sleeping.
It swivels, rocks, reclines and has an adjustable headrest - plus it is super comfy.
The new Active Headrest can reduce ''the severity of a whiplash injury by 10-20 percent on Toyota's neck injury evaluation index'' as compared with existing protective gear, the nation's top carmaker said in a statement.
said they're getting close to eliminating squeaks in your car's headrest and other components.
Other less expensive models strap on to the back of the headrest.
The highback is available with a vinyl headrest insert.
It is also available as a cantilevered meeting chair and with an integral headrest.
The halo is the comfort ring that surrounds the rear seat area and incorporates the headrest and bolsters in a single part.