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Semi-finalists will be announced in August and invited to a HeadRoom workshop which is designed to help them prepare and hone their presentation to the judge's panel.
Capital spending and associated short-term borrowing drive the limited expected headroom under the territorial borrowing limit of CAD86 million in 2015-16.
Intended as a parody of insincere TV presenters, The Max Headroom Show became a hit and was expanded.
Congress has raised the US federal debt ceiling 76 times since 1960, sometimes giving several years of headroom, sometimes not.
Anyone keen to know more about mental health issues and the Headroom season itself can log onto the website, www.
It is the difference in performance between this and the proposed RM treatment, which will provide the headroom and justification for development.
The low-slung roof recalls the "chopped" look of a smoking 1950s hot rod, but in side there's surprising headroom and legroom: The Magnum can carry five adults and their gear in comfort.
5-Gigabit network processors yet delivers twice the processing headroom and twice the number of Gigabit Ethernet ports.
Rorty, the HeadRoom, 2004-2005, an interactive computer animation presented as an installation with computer, sensors, and two projectors revisits, like Deeper, elements from the "HeadNurse-Files.
The specially engineered bucket is geared toward mines with limited headroom.
with full-steel-cage construction and a body length no longer than an ex tended van, the Van Terra features a 28"-wide bus-style electric entrance door, 73" of interior headroom, and an 18"-wide center aisle.
3 inches across), the rear doors on the Washu actually provide headroom, as they actually cut into the roof area by 15.