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When Diane hears about the latest development, she heads off to confront the violent farmer, only to find him knocking back pills with booze.
4 -- ran in SAC edition only) Above, Daily News reporter Jim Skeen photographed himself as he heads off into the wild blue yonder in the jet.
He heads off to Vermont to live and work with lovely Nora and belligerent Walt, and while at first their earnest save-the-Earth concerns strikes him as ludicrous, he's quickly converted.
When we had dealings with them it was always frustrating we were always banging our heads off walls.
Sure, British rocker Ozzy Osbourne has bitten the heads off bats and been called satanic.
The drive can twist and snap back when the heads stop, knocking the heads off track and requiring a second seek for head positioning, thereby reducing the performance of the drive.
Called quinone reductase, this detoxifying enzyme heads off the production of hydroxyl radicals, a type of chemically reactive molecular fragment.
The band now heads off for an international trek through Japan and the UK.

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