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The trouble arose when the interviewer drew her own conclusions about the applicant's reason for wearing the headscarf.
I believe it is useful to remind those readers who follow the headscarf issue with reference to Turkey of the background of the German Constitutional Court's recent judgment.
But her application faltered over her headscarf, or hijab, because it conflicted with the company's Look Policy, a code derived from Abercrombie's focus on what it calls East Coast collegiate or preppy style.
The court ruled that Hema did not have a clear neutrality policy that could oblige the woman to take off her headscarf and as a result had no reason to sack her on the basis of her beliefs.
The participants were shown photographs of women with and without headscarf and were asked to rate them on how intelligent, employable and attractive they appeared.
This decision is not [a special indulgence], but a legal right," she tweeted after being allowed to appear on TV in her headscarf.
It would give the opportunity for remarkable female athletes to demonstrate that wearing the headscarf is not an obstacle to excelling in life and sports, and would hence contribute to challenging gender stereotypes and bringing about a change in mentalities," he added.
Summary: Overriding appeals from activists, Turkey's Islamist-rooted ruling party has refused to support veiled women in Parliament ahead of upcoming polls, despite its ardent advocacy of the headscarf as a religious freedom.
Speaking at the general assembly of Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD), Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted harshly to Council of State's decision on headscarf issue.
A MUSLIM woman was fired from her job at an estate agents because she wouldn't wear a headscarf.
Taking a photos with headscarf on is not a problem as long as the legal requirements are met," he added.
Danni wears Peacocks maxi dress pounds 20 and headscarf pounds 10 and necklace pounds 6.