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This calls for estimating separate regressions for different types of headships.
During the Great Recession, household formation and headship rates among young adults declined substantially.
This is fuelling the rise in overall unfilled primary school headship posts.
My most recent promotion to one of the largest schools in Bridgend came following my application after 10 happy years in my previous and first headship.
In neighbouring Gwynedd council, Dewi R Jones, Head of Education, said: "We're committed to encouraging all our teachers to fulfil their potential, including supporting teachers as they prepare for the National Professional Qualification for Headship.
Prof Howson said the situation was worse for primary schools where teachers were becoming increasingly unwilling to take on a headship because of the extra workloads.
Acting headships arose for several reasons including the secondment, illness, promotion, retirement and resignation of the headteacher.
Is the reduced wage growth associated with headship more severe in disciplines for which research skills depreciate rapidly?
Officials say increasing the number of so-called "partner schools" with shared or executive headships could reduce costs and "encourage collaboration", adding: "Some establishments would become partner schools with a shared or executive headship and some nursery schools would become nursery classes within their local primary school.
And in a scathing attack on the government, Ian Andain, headteacher at Broadgreen International School and chairman of city headteachers' group Liverpool Schools Forum, said the nature of the job was a large factor in teachers shunning headships, particularly in challenging urban areas like Liverpool.
But even so, the number of women coming through into headships shows it is starting to have an impact on gender equality.
She began teaching in 1972 in Bradford as an English teacher and has enjoyed three successful headships.