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EXECUTIONER. The name given to him who puts criminals to death, according to their sentence; a hangman.
     2. In the United States, executions are so rare that there are no executioners by profession. It is the duty of the sheriff or marshal to perform this office, or to procure a deputy to do it for him.

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If Madeline stands for the elite classes who, from the perspective of the headsman, actually get to enjoy, her deferral of enjoyment reveals how even the capitalist/aristocrat never achieves what the system of consumption promises.
37) A private execution in the Tower could not forestall violence, as a mob attacked the headsman, and Francis Bacon's justification of the government's actions, published under the royal arms, (38) did little to stem the unrest.
The Revolution, or perhaps more accurately the Enlightenment thought that informed the Revolution, caused many to question the wisdom of retaining hangman or headsman.
When the headsman hesitated as Ralegh lay there,his head on the block, he called out ``strike man, strike'' -and the deed was done.
Excavations at the site were carried out in 1997, and uncovered the remains of the tryworks, the crew barracks, and the quarters of the senior headsman who managed the station.
Excavations were carried out in 1999 and as at Adventure Bay focused on the crew barracks and the quarters of the senior headsman, with artefacts recovered from shallow accumulations of refuse in and around the buildings (Figure 3).
The vicious face of the Baptist's executioner (lips drawn in, eyes narrowed) persists in the history of Art from the headsman in Cranach's Martyrdom of St Catherine to the vile flogging workmaster at Bridewell Prison in the final engraving of Hogarth's Harlot's Progress.
With the braggart dash and swagger of the so ldiers of fortune amongst whom Deutsch had served, the headsman presents the Baptist's head with exaggerated courtliness to Salome.