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Escarpments Strong saline seeps in dissected areas generate escarpments as discharge drives headward erosion 11.
Astronauts notice stuffy sinuses as a result of this headward fluid shift, but there are far more serious side-effects.
Further rainfall events entrain and translocate more dispersed soil material, resulting in both headward and tailward linking of cavities into a continuous tunnel system (Laffan and Cutler 1977; Boucher and Powell 1994; Zhu 2003).
The Company has continued research and development on its motion platform for producing periodic acceleration to the body by varying headward to footward motion.
The device moved the body headward to footward and vice-versa while lying flat 120 times a minute to non-invasively provide overall blood flow comparable to open chest heart massage, the optimal means for supporting circulation during cardiac arrest.
Monitoring of the digital pulse revealed findings consistent with release of significant quantities of nitric oxide from the inner lining of blood vessels in normal adults who lay quietly on the device while headward to footward motion was applied with the platform.