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One is to make fast buses slow down, and the other is to make slow buses speed up, and then the headways between buses can be equalized.
The distribution of headways in the major stream is described by a statistical function.
Lives Worth Living will be performed by the Blyth-based Headway Arts group and is free to schools which want to host it.
Observational studies of unaware drivers in the United States have shown that headways of 1.
Consequently, past research carried out by Taieb and Shinar (2001) showed that drivers tend to overestimate their headways despite years of driving experience.
The shortcoming of such approaches is that they do not necessarily reflect headways maintained in real-world driving, which are presumably based on drivers' perceptions of safe headways.
According to Evans (1991), there are two possible explanations for why drivers become comfortable following at unsafe headways.
In one set of observations on a Michigan urban interstate freeway, however, most drivers maintained headways less than 2.
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