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Over the next several years, U-Gas -- which has stores in Missouri and Illinois -- and Twice Daily convenience stores in Tennessee and Kentucky, are committing to maintain and build upon healthy food choices; continue to make those choices more affordable; and support healthier options through in-store marketing and promotions to meet the needs of the children, families and communities it serves.
I believe the move will be supportive in building an environment that supports people to lead healthier lifestyles and I encourage other retailers to follow Tesco's lead.
The Healthier You campaign is not about saying 'make a massive lifestyle change' but instead focuses on the small things you can do right now, today.
It will take the support of schools, churches, businesses and other partners to achieve the positive health changes that are the goal of Healthier Tennessee," said Rick Johnson, President and CEO of the Governor's Foundation for Health and Wellness.
Already receiving industry accolades for its ability to make it easier for people to eat healthier food, the Readi-Bake Reduced Fat Doughnut was named, by the IDG, as a finalist in the 2012 Nestle Wellness Award in competition against Quaker Oats, Compass and Flora Cuisine.
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: "The healthy option isn't always the cheapest option so it is a really important step to be able to offer pounds 50 off healthier foods, drinks and activities.
Myself, as a dietician, coming on and creating the healthy eating program is toOmotivate our customers to make healthier choices," Hajto said.
The healthier biscuits and healthier snacks markets are together now worth 487m [pounds sterling] and enjoying sustained growth, so it is important our core products are continually improved in addition to our dedicated healthier products," she said.
Educating students, parents, and staff about the importance of nutrition and fitness was to our advantage," says Sanders-Butler, who also worked with parents to provide their families with healthier eating options at home.
Yet there is simply no evidence whatsoever that a diet high in or exclusively of organic foods is any healthier for you than a diet of regular food.
Now 13, Edward owes his healthier, more active lifestyle to Kaiser Permanente's program geared toward teaching young people how to eat right.
As I was working on our new book, Six Arguments for a Greener Diet, it quickly became apparent that the average vegetarian is healthier than the average omnivore.