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Rhiannon Harris, senior lecturer in dietetics and health promotion at Uwic, said, 'Recent publicity has highlighted the problems we are facing in Wales and the UK in relation to childhood obesity, and educating children to eat more healthily has never been more important.
One third of consumers also felt they were now eating more healthily, with only six per cent believing that their diet was currently less healthy than a year ago.
The British Medical Association said: "It is important school offers children an environment where they can eat healthily and take exercise.
When I was born in the 1940s, my mother ate perfectly healthily even though finances were tight and rationing was still in place.
Today, the Echo begins its appeal for parents to steer their children's attention away from chips, crisps, burgers and fizzy drinks - and focus on eating healthily.
And eight out of 10 youngsters said they always tried to eat healthily, although more than a quarter admitted to eating sweets every day.
Everyone loses a lot of weight (creepily depicted in the title sequence, in which the participants are seen morphing from their comfortable 21st-century selves to their emaciated frontier personae); Gordon frets that he's become sickly, but a visiting doctor suggests he's merely lost the excess weight most of us have put on these days and has become healthily lean.
Eating healthily is also likely to be a challenge for the class of 2001, as only 12pc said they had cooked for themselves on a regular basis while 52pc of existing students said they survived on takeaway burgers, pizzas and kebabs.
The campaign involves a range of activities in schools to try to get children to eat more healthily.
However, when the two big slump areas--Network Build and Deploy and Network Design--are taken out, it is clear that the outsourcing opportunity is growing healthily, at an 8% CAGR.
In total, 95,000 sufferers could have cut their risk by not smoking, eating healthily, taking exercise and not putting on weight.
We are trying to encourage children who have packed lunch to eat more healthily too.