healthy mind

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He would soon present a healthy mind to the world again, and what did he or the world care if he was rotten at the core?
With the help of the great dictionary and the active intelligence of a healthy mind endowed by inheritance with more than ordinary reasoning powers he shrewdly guessed at much which he could not really understand, and more often than not his guesses were close to the mark of truth.
As to Phoebe's not being a lady, or whether she were a lady or no, it was a point, perhaps, difficult to decide, but which could hardly have come up for judgment at all in any fair and healthy mind.
This instinctive action never ceases in a healthy mind, but becomes richer and more frequent in its informations through all states of culture.
The self-reproach and contrition which are displayed in his remark appear to me to be the signs of a healthy mind rather than of a guilty one.
One of the key values represented by Fahed is the importance of a healthy mind and body and, through his signature activities during Ramadan, Fahed is inviting the community to adopt important values related to a healthy lifestyle and exercise.
Huntington's disease robs a person of a healthy mind and body.
DOHA A HEALTHY mind in a healthy body, or a healthy body due to a healthy mind?
Amazing the difference a year and a healthy mind can make.
Mr Baister said: "Brainwave is the first drink of its kind which is designed to help consumers maintain a healthy mind.
Three in four 10 to 14-year-olds believed that a healthy body was as important as a healthy mind, while parents were the people children were most likely to turn to for help if they were feeling worried or sad, followed by friends and then grandparents.
Bingle insisted that she has got a healthy body but it all stems from a healthy mind and a healthy set of goals and achieving them.

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