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VALENCIA - When Sandra sees Flash, she hears bells.
you seem to hear better out of one ear than the other
As a result, even when they hear speech, they may not be able to understand it or they may misunderstand it (McFarland & Cox, 1985).
One organization called HEAR (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) is dedicated to raising awareness about hearing loss caused by deafening music.
This genetic diversity shows up in the striking fact that the majority of children born to two deaf parents can hear.
What I try to hear is the person's character that I try to build.
An individual who is born with moderate hearing loss or who experiences such loss early in life will hear imperfectly, which often results in corresponding difficulties with English.
New America Hears Independence[TM] Hearing Aids Feature Best Price/Performance in Hearing Aid Industry
We are so excited to partner with the Hear the World Foundation this holiday season and spread the cheer of hearing health," says Craig Cameron, CEO of Connect Hearing USA.
Now the longest you would ever hear anything would be maybe a tenth of a second, which most people wouldn't even recognize as being a sound,'' said Grama.
Positive responses included: yes, because it would help me, I would have a better quality of life, I think I would have more freedom, I really like to hear things clearly, etc.
Maybe the elephants were making sounds--vibrations--but Payne just couldn't hear them.