hear the case

See: adjudicate
References in classic literature ?
I am the first magistrate of the country; I will hear the case and administer justice.
At the police court proceedings, we shall hear the case for the prosecution, but in all probability his solicitors will advise him to reserve his defence.
The chief justice directed the provincial chief and information secretaries to submit a report on the campaign in a week and adjourned the hearing until March 12, when he himself will hear the case.
The matter for reopening May 12 mayhem suo motu case was to be heard in SHC but head of the bench refused to hear the case.
Attorneys for the Rogers Group and Tippecanoe County both asked the court to hear the case, according to WLFL.
The highest court's decision to hear the case offers new hope to the Korean company, which is seeking to nullify $399 million in infringement damages awarded to Apple by a lower court.
Ahsan said according to the Article 10A of the Pakistan constitution, the sitting bench was ineligible to hear the case, The Dawn reports.
Summary: ISLAMABAD -- Presenting his arguments in the contempt case on Thursday, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan maintained the bench which serves the contempt notice cannot hear the case.
Summary: FIFA announced Wednesday it had completed its investigation into Mohamed bin Hammam and its ethics committee would hear the case against the Asian football chief on July 22.
The SC then ruled that the Shariat Court did not have the authority to overrule the LHC decision and decided to hear the case in the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court's willingness to hear the case doesn't necessarily bode well for Goldstein.