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And a beginning is putatively hearable, as has been said, on the basis of the identifiability of the speaker as acting, just here and now, in the capacity of professor for the course by virtue of the other activities category-bound to professor with which he has been observably engaged.
The principle of audiometric method is to measure sound intensity of different audio frequencies hearable for patient.
The notion of "hiring someone" is hearable as "hiring for sex," which indexes "compulsory heterosexuality" and secures Terry a position within stereotypical hetero-normative masculinity, which the others collude with through laughter.
This is accomplished by using nine axis motion sensors mounted on a hearable device.
The teacher follows this with her own assessment ('wow'), hearable as a comment on the video itself as noteworthy and a conclusion to the entire activity of watching the video.
Note that we do not assume a broadcast nature of wireless feedback channels where a feedback information of a Rx-Tx pair could be hearable to the unintended Tx since recent standardization such as LTE/LTE-A considers only dedicated feedback channels, but assume that each feedback channel between a Tx and a Rx is dedicated for the Tx-Rx pair.
Again, there are brief fragments of Pylades, Tyndareus, and Orestes pleading their cases, bur the major piece of testimony comes after John and Nod decide the only reason Orestes has a hearable case at all is because he killed his mother, not his father.
For modern spectators of global wars, saturated at times to near numbness with graphic images of suffering, the cry of a puppet ant becomes a startlingly hearable plea for the innocent lives right now being squashed and splintered.
In point of fact, one has to work hard at providing such hearable relations during the compositional process.
He often simply notes the question and then proceeds, as in the following laconic endnote tagged on to a paragraph dealing with Babbitt's time-point row system of rhythmic serialization: "The degree to which this is hearable is questioned in Lester 1986" (p.
NEC's hearable device user authentication technology helps reduce these risks by providing an additional layer of personalized security that allows users to devote greater attention to their surroundings.