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This small country of ours under EU powers that must be obeyed, will soon be obliged to impose prison sentences and fines on those that believe their religious laws should be observed by their children or quoting the reasons as given by our Bible while within hearing distance of a LGBT member.
There was no worrying about the little ones' safety as they were within view but, thankfully, out of hearing distance.
Tom was very passionate about his work and was a great storyteller, engaging everyone within hearing distance," recalled BLS Director of Marketing Penny Portner.
Then, even within hearing distance of Carver and his teammates, not to mention officials who had made his lucrative move to Toronto possible, he said: "I loved it so much I would love to go back and play for them.
The re-appearance of an old flame could put you on the spot if your partner happens to be within hearing distance.
Hamid is remembered for his brave refusal to testify against Abd al-Khalig Mahjoub in the military tribunals set up by the revenge-thirsty Nimeiry following the defeat of the 1971 coup as bullets burst through the bodies of the accused officers within hearing distance.
Their friends, filling the first few pews, had been joined by catering staff, church staff, their wedding planner and her assistant, and just about everyone else within hearing distance, including the groundskeeper.
Those aged four and over should be within hearing distance, and out of sight for no longer than a minute, she said.
Thinking he was out of hearing distance, I started going on and on about how hot he was.
The owner invariably knew it was a false alarm, as did everyone else within hearing distance.
45 ACP makes is apt to bring running all other enemy soldiers in hearing distance.
Stadiums, for example, can eject fans on the basis that children come to sporting events and they, like anyone else within hearing distance, must be protected from offensive speech.