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By now, every customer sitting within hearing distance is looking on with disbelief.
He grinned broadly, as all of us within hearing distance laughed loudly.
All this swearing within hearing distance of children, youngsters, women and anyone using the fields or just walking through hear this profanity.
At the pharmacy in Dorset he is said to have told the manager to 'p*** off' and a colleague to 'shut up', as well as making the comments about the customer within hearing distance of other customers.
If other people are in hearing distance, though, the person will be focusing on their opinions instead of the question at hand.
Wildenstein told anyone within hearing distance that Boeuf was an "asshole" for his Coronation
If you're a frequent user of the reliable public transport system of Wales you'll be familiar with the fun of sitting within hearing distance of an oik with a mobile phone who suffers from a complete inability to recognise the volume of his or her own voice.
About 90% of this will occur in front of,or in hearing distance of the children.
I could never be within hearing distance when husband was listening to an operatic soprano yet a nice velvety baritone I could have listened to for ages.
Since their debut single Teenage Dirtbag hit the airwaves, its sugar-pop silliness and irresistible catchiness have infected everything within hearing distance.
Look around and see if there are kids within hearing distance.
Here's a preview: If you are a Congress early riser, you will find that the UB campus, almost within hearing distance of Niagara Falls, is subtly pastoral in early morning.