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Rachel Riley, who is passionate about the Hearing Dogs charity, said: "My congratulations to all those who were highly commended in this year's awards.
There was a connection straight away when I was first introduced to Biscuit at Hearing Dogs," said Beth, a mother of two.
found that hearing dog recipients had improved relaxation, better physical health, and increased safety compared with life without the dogs [11].
THE majority of deaf people who use hearing dogs to get out and about have been illegally refused access to shops and restaurants.
But tragically Sadie, the hearing dog owned by mum-of-three Rachael Reynolds, was knocked over and died instantly earlier this year.
After learning about the charity Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Diana applied for a pup.
It costs pounds 45,000 to cover the lifetime cost of a hearing dog, but this is free to all recipients.
Pam said: "Last year I was privileged to get to know Linda and Rascal when he won a Hearing Dog of the Year award.
A FINANCIAL services firm donated pounds 5,000 to help fund a hearing dog.