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As former Valley SHHH president Beverley Gaines, 76, of Van Nuys was quick to point out, hearing-aid wearers win in the trade-off: ``My philosophy is, I don't care who knows I'm wearing a hearing aid - as long as I can hear.
Apart from some union plans, most insurance options do not cover the cost of hearing aids, much to the chagrin of hearing-aid users and audiologists.
But as audiologist Rose Bongiovanni, director of training and development at the hearing-aid company Widex, explained, digital devices, which typically last four to six years, can pay for themselves as audiologists can tweak the instruments to match a patient's changing hearing ability over time.
for other model hearing-aid rechargeable cells) or hearing aids (in areas where conventional hearing-aid batteries were available and within the financial reach of the community), which reduced sales flexibility.
Such features as digital signal processing, programmable multiple memories, and directional microphones add a heavy burden to hearing-aid costs (Punch, 2001); thus, they were not considered for initial Godisa models.
The field trial also provided valuable constructive criticism that led to improved hearing-aid quality control.
The Godisa solar-battery charger (see Figure 1) can accept a variety of hearing-aid cells.
With hearing-aid production comes an ethical obligation to ensure that devices are properly fitted to persons with hearing loss.