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A model of truth that hearkens back to Augustine, but that glides over any reading of Augustine's thoughts on sin, will not present a thoroughly Christian humanism.
Continued Perkins, "When we defend the right to life, we hearken back to the Declaration of Independence, not to some strictly sectarian view.
Scheduled to open in June, the five-story venue on 55th Street, between Park and Madison avenues, will hearken back to the traditional club experience, but with gourmet dishes created by chef Fern Colicchio (of Manhattan's Craft and Gramercy Tavern), contemporary art courtesy of curator Yvonne Force, literary events through Lea Carpenter of the Paris Review and a private film series.
Outlets that carry the ice cream hearken back to the time when drug stores had soda fountains, notes Lester.
He says his essay for SITE Santa Fe's catalogue will hearken back to earlier literary contexts, like Baudelaire and the nineteenth-century writer Jean Paul, who memorably coined the term "soul dizziness" to describe the existential state produced by the grotesque.
Now that the heavy lifting is behind him, Mays is setting the tone for the Fords of the future, even though some of these hearken to the past.
Gussets, piping and solid brass hardware hearken back to turn-of-the-century travel cases on their way to Europe aboard luxury liners.
In order to help reporters be more transparent while also earning the trust of their readership, Hearken is developing a new tool for pre-publication audience engagement.
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction saw fit on Thursday to hearken back to Nazi German anti-Semitism, and pay tribute to the genocidal Jew hatred that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last week highlighted had Palestinian influences.
Passover, Sukkot, and Shavuot are harvest festivals that hearken back to a time when Jews were farmers just like everyone around them.
All four things Ablow predict hearken back to Anthony's behavior before her arrest.