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HEART attacks killed more than 150 people in Kirklees "prematurely", figures reveal.
The researchers also observed small but statistically significant increases in the chance that a heart attack occurred within six hours after exposure to traffic.
She and her colleagues studied 2,166 heart attack patients.
We recorded the number of heart attacks that occurred in the city for the eighteen months before and after the introduction of the ban," explains Mori Krantz, director of the Prevention Department of the Colorado Prevention Center in Denver, "and found a post-introduction fall of around twenty-seven percent.
Studies find that aspirin taken during a heart attack reduces the risk of death by 23 percent.
Jenkins' heart attack was caused by five blocked arteries, which required her to have quintuple bypass surgery.
And odds are you take it--or have heard that you should take it--every day to lower your risk of having a heart attack.
They argue that although those results suggest that third-generation pills carry the higher risk of heart attack, the 95% confidence interval again was too wide to permit a definite conclusion.
Fortunately, clot-busting drugs and other artery-opening treatments can stop a heart attack in its tracks.
A recent study randomly queried the general population for knowledge of heart attack symptoms and many of us don't have a lifesaving due.
When this fatty material block oxygen flow, part of the heart begins to die--a heart attack.