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When it detects a very fast, abnormal heart rhythm, it delivers energy to the heart muscle.
Professor John Camm, a leading expert in clinical cardiology, said: "Until now, if you have a heart rhythm problem you really wouldn't want to have it in the UK.
Heart rhythms were recorded during 377 of a total of 3,377 seizures, the researchers reported in The Lancet medical journal.
Houston Northwest Medical Center, Houston, Texas -- Cardiac Care, Cardiac Surgery and Heart Rhythm Disorders
She said the charity had been dealing with many calls over the weekend from patients already diagnosed with heart rhythm abnormalities or blackouts, inquiring how they too could obtain treatment.
This defect can also predispose people to develop a heart rhythm that can cause death within seconds.
The Heart Rhythm Society--a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing science, education and advocacy for cardiac arrhythmia professionals and patients--is sponsoring a free patient education event in partnership with leading local physicians and allied health professionals.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This week at Heart Rhythm 2014, the Heart Rhythm Society's (HRS) 35th Annual Scientific Sessions, new research was unveiled that will advance the electrophysiology (EP) field and ultimately improve overall patient care.
For people with this abnormal heart rhythm, called atrial fibrillation, the risk of stroke is five times that for people with a normal heart rhythm.
The Heart Rhythm Center of Lebanon Cardiology Associates and The Good Samaritan Hospital recently published articles on specialized ventilation technique during heart rhythm ablations and pacemaker implantation in the extreme elderly to improve patient safety.
At Heart Rhythm 2014, panel of experts from three prominent medical groups share recommendations for patient populations not well represented in current guidelines