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Isabel secured the envelope the moment she laid down her pen, and retired to her room with a headache (which was heartache in disguise) for the rest of the day.
It seems to me that they have treble their share of this world's heartache.
He put his hand over his eyes, and hid, with a boyish shame, the hot tears that told of the heartache, and that honored the man who shed them.
I have had a heartache ever since then--but it is gone now.
I forgot the heartache which makes up the rest of the price.
I will tell all children about him, that they may take care and not play with him, for he will only cause them sorrow and many a heartache.
Tarzan wished to be as far away from the cause of his heartache as he could.
Tell her that, if she had mingled a little trust with her conception of the ideal, much heartache might have been avoided.
In spite of her own perturbation and heartache, her hands had not been idle, and she stood now at the bedside with the quieting powder ready.
The air was heavy and hot; the closeness of the place, oppressive; and from without there arose a rush of free sounds, like the jarring memory of such things in a headache and heartache.
They bore upon their countenances and in their vestments the traces of the heartaches they had undergone.
Not in what Martin would do, but in what he would not do, would lie her heartaches.