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Heartening because the remarkable young woman's recovery sends a signal to such fanatics their primitive beliefs and vicious bloodlust will not succeed.
And, more generally, it's heartening to see so many young people who are committed to learning and to developing their careers through it.
The total silence of the chairman and the other non-executive directors has been less heartening.
Heartening and, yes, still amazingly shocking even though many of us will know what's coming.
And Senior Editor Jacob Sullum's "Freedom Riders" (page 40) explores how motorcycle enthusiasts have managed to repeal or stymie mandatory helmet laws in many states--a small victory, perhaps, but a heartening one too.
Overlooked here is that the great outpouring of aid from private citizens, as heartening as it was, does nothing to address the problems of flood and storm, evacuation, public safety, community security, long term individual care, rehabilitation, and infrastructure reconstruction.
In terms of examining loss, [Steel Magnolias] is a really entertaining and heartening way of looking at it," he says.
Keith Hennessy, a longtime Bay Area choreographer who says he makes less than $10,000 a year from his art, found the Fund for Artists initiative heartening.
As the key driving force behind SUPERLOG, which became SystemVerilog, it's heartening to see the ecosystem develop around the SystemVerilog language," remarks Simon Davidmann.
That's a heartening result, since it's primarily young children that cholera kills, Deen says.
It is heartening to see how mixed-use zoning has contributed to the resurgence of this neighborhood," said Burden.
Since Emma has just reached 50, having a mom who looks, and acts, a generation younger is not heartening.