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She writes that some families add small pasta or barley to make it even heartier, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.
Carluccio's - which has a restaurant in Leamington - offers lighter, meat-free alternatives to anyone going on a health kick after an overindulgent December, as well as some heartier dishes to keep the January blues at bay.
There's a classic Bellini drink that represents Venice which was originally named after the glow of a saint's toga in a fifteenth-century painting, an appetizer of Roast Beef with Horseradish and Watercress, and heartier dishes such as a Venetian Fish Mousse; all of which are served in bite-sized pieces.
So, the more ghrelin you have, the heartier your appetite.
For whatever time of day, however, this cookbook is full of uncomplicated instruction and delicious advice for making everything from "crave-worthy, on-the-go" snacks to heartier meals.
Just bold enough to complement heartier dishes like a braised shank or classic stew.
The soup is made heartier with hot tamarind and flaked fish fillet, and a dab of prawn paste.
As part of its overall transformation, the national carrier will be investing significantly more on its existing menu with heartier three-course meals for guests on both short-haul and long-haul flights.
Dishes from the south include a wide variety of fresh seafood, while those hailing from the colder Northern areas include slightly heartier meals with beef.
The individual indentations for each pocket allow for heartier, less-processed fillings, such as shredded meat and chopped vegetables.
From a Ricotta Gnocchi with Olives, Capers & Tomatoes rich in a heartier dumpling result to Lemon-Rosemary Risotto or a pancetta and herb-stuffed veal breast, these explore some of the staples of Italian cuisine and will especially delight relative newcomers who want to cook Italian fare that is basic and hearty, and who enjoy color photos of finished dishes.
To create a thicker, heartier soup, try using a roux - add a scoop or two of mashed potatoes, strain a few cups of your soup and blend it together, before adding it back to your soup pot.