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I think the manager's made the right decision, heartlessly ruthless though it seems.
Swedes 2, Turnips 1' read a headline in The Sun, who had heartlessly turned the England manager into a caricature of the vegetable.
Shadow Chancellor George Osborne yesterday heartlessly targeted the "welfare bills" of old and poor folk as his party plans swingeing cuts far in excess of Labour's.
And as animal welfare campaigners try to track down "Dr Poison", who is heartlessly leaving out bait laced with deadly poison, we must ensure the necessary legislation is in place for this culprit to feel the full force of the law when caught.
Dorota Dutkowska acted the defiant, heartlessly seductive Carmen with utter conviction, but without a truly dangerous sensuality, her singing was less vivid.
Kathleen Payne, a member of the Ventura County Alliance for the Mentally Ill, said state authorities are acting heartlessly by transferring and discharging so many people in need of constant attention.
A MIDDLE-aged passer-by is caught on CCTV as she strokes a family's cat - then heartlessly hurls it in a bin.
This heartlessly cruel mini-me version has diluted the brand.
He survived it all, but it's amazing the doctors didn't kill him because they treated him so dreadfully and heartlessly.
When Dirty Den's dodgy dealings finally see him get his hands on the much-coveted Queen Vic pub, Den quickly makes his presence felt and heartlessly boots Alfie and the Moons out, on Christmas Eve.
The remains of criminals from the island's prison and the bodies of Native Americans were also heartlessly thrown into the same ground.
THIS is the horrendous scene THAT greeted motorists last week after 14 puppies were drowned and then heartlessly dumped on the side of a road.