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There are not words to adequately describe the behaviour of those responsible for this heartlessness.
Worse than the triumphalism, in my opinion, was Thatcher's heartlessness in barring all Argentinian parents, mothers especially, from visiting their sons' graves in the Falklands.
This is chicken soup for my troubled soul, and a much-needed reminder to caring people everywhere that not all of the Americas are succumbing to heartlessness, greed and violence.
Now, members of Congress can take heartlessness to new heights, or they can refuse to compound the suffering of those who've lost everything in Hurricane Katrina.
Gently but with merciless razor-sharpness, he gleefully dissects both the boneheaded false promise and raging incompetence of East German society and the crass, materialistic heartlessness that blew in on a better wind from the West.
And the Scots-born MP's attitude to them epitomises everything the Tories now stand for - callousness, heartlessness and beggar- my-neighbour policies.
Riegle condemned "the heartlessness and irresponsibility of a military bureaucracy that gives every sign of wanting to protect itself more than the health and well-being of our servicemen and women who actually go and fight our wars.
Day in and day out, week after week, we have exposed the brutality, heartlessness and stupidity of the policy.
With the drugs just minutes away, the extent of Nidge's heartlessness was laid bare as he left his friend bleeding on the ground so as not to risk the operation.
Critics say that Gordon Brown was wrong to cancel Prime Ministers' Questions and probably it was a breach of protocol but, with so much heartlessness in the world, should we regret that our Prime Minister, in this instance, let his heart rule his head?
What can appear abject cruelty and heartlessness on one side, may be interpreted as kindness and compassion on the other.