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The accident and emergency department received 25 cases of heat exhaustion on Monday and 17 cases on Tuesday," said a well-placed source.
If you notice signs of heat exhaustion, the best action to take is to get the affected person out of the hot area.
Some people may experience symptoms of heat exhaustion including dizziness, nausea, heavy sweating and a slightly raised body exhaustion.
shtml) Heat cramps may be experienced with heat exhaustion.
Dr Damanjit Chaddha, director of internal medicine at Fortis Hospital said, " At least 3- 5 cases of heat exhaustion come to us every day.
Signs of heat exhaustion include dizziness, intense thirst, headache and sickness.
Dr Fadi Moborrak, Senior Specialties, ER, at Dubai Hos-pital, said symptoms of heat exhaustion include thirst, fatigue, headache and twitching.
Dr Moborrak explained that being exposed directly to the sun is not the only cause of heat strokes as heat without sun and humidity, which can cause a green glass effect, can cause heat exhaustion.
The highest risks for heat stroke or heat exhaustion are infants and children up to four years old, people 65 years and older, people who are overweight, people who over-exert during work or exercise, people who are ill or on certain medications," the doctors asserted, according to medics.
The idea for this project came after we visited a construction company last summer and we realised that labourers are not aware of the dangers nor ways of avoiding heat exhaustion," Al Baloushi said.
HAMAD Medical Corporation (HMC) advises Qatar residents to take precautions and safeguard themselves, especially children, against heat exhaustion and heat stroke as the hottest summer months approach.