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If a child is left behind in such vehicle, he/she can easily develop heat exhaustion and that can result in heat stroke, which can be life-threatening," he added.
The symptoms in case of heat exhaustion were impaired consciousness,
Previously, cases of heat exhaustion could reach 50 cases per day including 10 severe cases, but this has reduced significantly these days and especially when compared to about five years ago," he said without giving any figures for this year.
Symptoms of heat exhaustion include weakness, profuse sweating, nausea, vomiting, headache, light-headedness, muscle cramps, rapid breathing, rapid pulse and possible fainting.
The medical advice to avoid heat exhaustion, when the temperature inside the body rises above 37C, includes staying out of the sun, drinking plenty of fluids but avoiding alcohol and caffeine, taking a cool shower or bath and wearing loose clothing.
Heatstroke can develop if heat exhaustion is left untreated, but it can also occur suddenly and without warning.
Whether working inside or out the threat of sunburn, sun-stroke, heat exhaustion and the impact of glare are all issues which must be taken seriously in the workplace.
At first you'll sweat buckets and later you'll suffer from heat exhaustion.
Several circus animals have died from heat exhaustion, while others have succumbed to animal cruelty.
After stopping to receive treatment for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion, Officer Elliott and Sergeant Hawkins returned to duty to help evacuate the community's remaining residents and guests.
Paula Bailey from Avonvale Veterinary Centres - with surgeries in Warwick, Kenilworth, Southam and Wellesbourne - said dogs suffer each year from heat exhaustion.