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Kalban added that seven heat stress cases and zero heat rash cases were recorded this year.
In addition, the campaign entails the provision of ample water supplies and hydration drinks; heat rash prevention creams; and clothing items that reduce the effects of heat (specifically excessive perspiration).
Trust me, a small heat rash is better than road rash.
These have a wide spectrum, ranging from the relatively mild heat rash to heat edema, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, exertional heat injury, and the very serious, life-threatening, often fatal, heat stroke.
Heatstress is any of a series of conditions where the body is under stress from overheating, including heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat rash and heatstroke.
An alternative is lightly fragranced body talc that also absorbs perspiration and helps to prevent heat rash.
Q For the last four years I have been getting a prickly heat rash when I go abroad on holiday.
It is difficult to identify a skin rash unless it is actually seen by a doctor or nurse practitioner, but it sounds as if you have a heat rash.
I hear often from parents that with polar fleece sleep sacks their babies wake hot and clammy, and some developed a heat rash.
Those few tiny spots could easily have been mistaken for a heat rash, but Natalie, for some reason, thought she should take him to hospital.