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Too old and too young are specially at risk of developing heat stroke.
According to a study conducted by experts at Loyola University Health System, athletes who suffer life-threatening heat stroke should be cooled on site before they are taken to the hospital.
Past this point, heat exhaustion can turn into heat stroke.
If left untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heat stroke.
The NIH said that victims of heat stroke must receive immediate treatment and recommended various measures.
This patient had come to us with high fever, which we suspected as a case of heat stroke.
In previous years, there have been incidents of athletes succumbing to heat stroke.
He directed the Deputy Commissioners of all the districts to monitor the heat stroke centres.
NASDAQ: EGRX) has completed the submission of its 505(b) (2) New Drug Application for Ryanodex for the treatment of exertional heat stroke to the US Food and Drug Administration, the company said.
Heat stroke is the fatal form of heat injury that is often presented with hyperthermia and symptoms of central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction and can lead to coma and death [1,2].
Heat stroke is a life-threatening form of hyperthermia.
Summary: Heed the doctor's advice to stay protected from dry eyes, heat exhaustion and heat strokes