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Options: Heated platens, variable closing speed, variable low tonnage.
They are subject to the great disadvantage that the profile can almost never be heated up evenly, because of the known problems of energy dissipation over distance.
Also a line of conventional and thermocouple cartridge, Square-coil, and rectangular heaters for internally and externally heated runnerless molding systems.
Thermal conductivity controls how long it will take for a section of material at some distance away from the heated surface to reach some arbitrary temperature.
The aluminium block was heated electrically and the power was adjusted to give an approximately linear rate of temperature rise.
Features include top heat, process control and LCD touchscreen HMI display, closed-loop temperature control, validation ports and process fault indication, independently controlled lower heated seal die, vacuum/gas flush, recipe storage and data acquisition.
The charged coal blend is leveled in the oven and then indirectly heated to 2000F (1093C) for 28-36 hr.