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Coffey and his colleagues, including DeWeese and Robert Getzenberg of Johns Hopkins, are trying a more targeted approach: heating cancer cells from the inside out.
Options: Custom tonnages; electric, oil, or steam heating.
The Heat Computera includes a monitoring system that allows building managers to track their building's heating system performance remotely via computer.
Hydronic heating is an efficient heat distribution system that takes advantage of a whole floor space to provide heat to that space, as opposed to forced air blown out of a small space to heat a large space.
These include scale-free heating, heating by oxidation, polishing, and HVR.
Radyne builds integrated, continuous feed billet heaters and bar end heating systems for the ferrous forging industry.
Operating at temperatures up to 500 [degrees] F (260 [degrees] C), the filters are said to clean and maintain efficiency of heat transfer fluid and oil, continuously clean the fluid without disrupting system operation, reduce wear of such rotating assemblies as pump rotors, impellers, seals, valves and stems, increase the life of the heating system and reduce downtime.
Band, cartridge, strip and coil heaters; and high-temperature, custom fit, fiberglass heating jackets for extruder barrels and transfer lines available with optional coated fabrics to protect against dripping and drool.
Heating an artificially scented plant restored a fading bloom's capacity to lure insects into its pocket.
Fortunately, there are a number of heating alternatives for the energy-conscious consumer.
Sintering generally is used to refer to the initial heating of the refractory lining prior to exposure to hot metal.