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Lower operating costs versus traditional heatless and heat regenerative adsorption dryers (lower purge-air requirement and lower heater consumption).
Includes a receiver tank, after cooler, water separator, and a heatless desiccant air dryer.
Cold-flame pyrotechnic explosions and heatless showers of sparks may be remotely activated to discharge from ice sculptures by using radio-controlled sparkler charges, pagers, and transmitters.
My dying sap shall mingle with sweet My drying timber shall groan at His feet, We'll hang bloodied,merciless for two whole days A sun bleached heatless sight to gaze.
One of the newer special effects being used with ice sculptures is the ability to detonate "cold flame" pyrotechnic explosions and heatless showers of sparks from remote locations.
I'M appalled how a frail old couple, George and Gertrude Bates, died in a heatless home they shared for 63 years.
After I did 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Grease,' I did 'Moment by Moment' (a heatless 1978 romance with Lily Tomlin) and it was, 'Get outta here, you're finished
Sagan (1996) clearly explained this propensity by using the analogy of someone purporting to have a dragon in his garage: It is difficult to disprove this assumption if the dragon is invisible, floats in the air, breathes heatless fire, and is incorporeal.
The literature also lists standard and optional features and provides a typical flow schematic showing a heatless dryer, up-flow design on sizes up to and including DTX 0650, down-flow on DTX 850 and up.
Heatless regenerative compressed air dryers provide dry air without constant expense of desiccant replacement necessary with non-reactivating dryers.
As a result of periodic research trips, the children spent a good bit of growing-up time in Japan, returning to the same school each time and insisting that we live in traditional Japanese style, a demand that became harder and harder to meet as the old heatless houses began to disappear.
That his energy was small was not at all what she meant by the comparison (she was a poet, by avocation, and a teacher, she was always making exact comparisons) but that it was intensely focused, red, and heatless.

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