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Myosin heavy chain mRNA transform to faster isoforms in immobilized skeletal muscle: A quantitative PCR study.
Mutations in the beta-myosin heavy chain gene in southern Chinese families with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Changes in myosin heavy chain isoforms during chronic low-frequency stimulation of rat fast hindlimb muscles.
Inner arm dyneins include multiple molecular species with one or two heavy chains.
The heavy chain and light chain isotypes and subclasses of myeloma proteins were identified using specific mouse MAbs including: AF6 (IgM), 8a4 (IgG), 2D7 (IgA), JA11 (IgD), C4 ([lambda]), 6el ([kappa]), JL512 (IgG1), GOM2 (IgG2), ZG4 (IgG3) and RJ4 (IgG4), kindly provided by Professor R.
The assay kit that was used, namely "antiserum against human immunoglobulin light chains", recognized ([kappa]) and lambda ([lambda]) light chains both free and bound to heavy chains in intact immunoglobulins.
1-7) The monoclonal light chains are typically [kappa] isotype, with no specific heavy chain association.
a high degree of specificity, so they recognize immunoglobulin light chains when they are free but not when they are bound to heavy chains in intact immunoglobulin molecules; and
Another pin-dropping moment was the hanging of Gwilym Brewys, described through the eyes of Alis to a desperate Siwan, who is physically and mentally weighed down to the floor by heavy chains.
Firefighters were forced to use their specialised cutting equipment to make a hole in the door and then anchor it down with heavy chains, until the winds died down and it could be removed safely.
Tony Blair said Northern Ireland now had the chance to "shake off those heavy chains of history" which had been scarred by hardship and conflict.