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I do appreciate their aims in trying to keep knives and drugs off the streets, but their methods were heavy-handed.
Coun Roberts said: "While I accept that the arrival of traffic wardens has eased parking along the high street, there is general concern about the attitude of traffic wardens, particularly as it affects small businesses, who are clearly suffering because the wardens are being too heavy-handed.
In a statement to Today's Zaman on Tuesday, Jo Glanville, the director of English PEN, said, "The international writers' organization PEN is gravely alarmed about the government's heavy-handed tactics against journalists in Turkey, including foreign correspondents.
I think rather than being heavy-handed we did quite a good job in being able to get the petrol bombs off the ground.
The director's touch is less heavy-handed than on his own films - there are no lingering close-ups on Jorja Fox's toes, no extravagantly choreographed action scenes, only a couple of pointless pop-culture references (including an old ``Dukes of Hazzard'' board game) and not much more gratuitous gore than a typical episode would feature.
Such heavy-handed polemics are undercut by the work's height (only eleven and a half inches) and the surface, sanded to generalize details, making the piece resemble a mass-produced toy spun-off from a Disney movie.
Why keep bombarding them with the heavy-handed propaganda of the Munich high-rollers?
The chief challenge for a future Yushchenko government will be to manage relations with Russia, which have been badly strained by Russia's heavy-handed efforts to prevent democratic change in Ukraine, while at the same time satisfying the popular majority's desire for reform and its goal of moving closer to Europe.
Most of you think the police response was too heavy-handed.
ALTERNATING between flowery feminist fantasy and the heavy-handed guilt that afflicts well-heeled liberals, the mere pretentiousness of Sally Potter's ``Yes'' would be annoying enough.
Strong-willed, proud, and ambitious, Marks is seldom one to mince words; and his forceful personality and sometimes heavy-handed management style have won him both admirers and critics.
With music you can talk about family values without sounding preachy or heavy-handed," states Otis who is no stranger to the music industry.