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Weisman writes about "post-human Earth" and discusses beautifully how the world will carry on just fine and heal itself, heedless of the threats of climate change if human beings just disappear.
This proves we've become a race of bad Samaritans, heedless of others' misfortunes.
Will Brown Dog ever achieve stability, family, or redemption for his heedless ways?
We continue to burn and mine, heedless of the warnings.
There, in the isolation of a radio studio, together with two brave children, she spoke truth to power for 14 hours, heedless of the danger of contesting the media apparatus of the dictatorship.
on the bark of a tree, heedless that in the twelfth century, two hundred
Our heedless planet boldly turns and turns, And seasons chase each other witlessly; The passionate fire that warned us barely burns; Our emptied nest has failed to set us free.
Taylor, daring and heedless of convention, has just been killed in a tragic auto accident involving Jackie's beau, but her presence is still keenly felt.
Having paid a small fortune to be there, accustomed to getting their own way, heedless of the risk to themselves and their Sherpa guides, some would-be summiteers leave their conscience back at Base Camp like so much unnecessary kit.
It appears that the Welsh FA are either totally insensitive or utterly heedless to the needs of the late Mr Speed's family, friends and fans in North Wales.
People are protesting against load shedding, inflation and price hike but the rulers have become heedless to these protests, he added.
The separatists' propaganda on human rights abuse and the exploitation of Saharan natural resources is a position that is guilty for two reasons: it is false and heedless of the sufferings of populations held captive for over 35 years in the camps of Tindouf and denied any international protectionn, she underlined.