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And, indeed, the legislation is designed to prevent patent trolls from heedlessly bringing other organizations to court and requiring them to jump through a few hoops.
No useful purpose is served by purporting to "solve" them with heedlessly manipulated statistics, obscure and defective premises illogically developed, and a belligerent tone.
According to Offen, untreated Alzheimer's mice would run heedlessly into an unfamiliar and dangerous area of their habitats instead of assessing potential threats, as healthy mice do.
I hope I am not the only reader of Michael Sean Winters' heedlessly hostile and hopelessly jejune review of Michael Novak's late-in-life and wonderfully titled memoir, Writing From Left to Right.
A' They have heedlessly forgotten that the perpetrators who blew themselves up in New York follow the same doctrine and come from the same source as those blowing themselves up in Syria.
A horse falls at the last obstacle, the sufferers groan and count the cost, the beneficiaries donate commiserations, and time moves heedlessly on.
Paradoxically, by choosing as his subject the revolutionist wife of uber-terrorist Carlos the Jackal, Israeli documentarian Nadav Schirman emerges with a flattened-out portrait of a docile, unemancipated spouse heedlessly following her man.
At one end, a party with four aces in the fist; at the other, a party with a busted flush - whose only available bluff is to jettison a valued bit of business that they know a dozen other excellent agencies will compete for heedlessly.
People pass him by heedlessly, only the dogs lick his wounds.
And as the killer heedlessly drove on, Jill and Becky White were left in the road fighting for their lives.
Our incapacity or unwillingness as a nation to achieve enlightened policy in this area, to heedlessly defend a misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms rather than protect the sanctity of life and security is a national disgrace.
The devices that some certain western Countries are simply, frequently and heedlessly exploited under disguise of human rights for their political ends.