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In the same way that a hegemonic system comes into existence, so could a counter-hegemonic alternative.
Although the hegemonic powers, benefiting from their massive tools, have currently found more dominance over the oppressed, the Islamic Revolution is now standing against the oppressors," he said.
The notion of temporal scripts enables a holistic consideration of masculinity over time whereby Western hegemonic scripts are concluded at middle age (Spector-Mersel, 2006).
Connell's concept of hegemonic masculinity (first outlined in Carrigan, Connell & Lee) has arguably been the most influential paradigm in masculinity studies, with its emphasis on the normative core among multiple masculinities competing in a dynamic social and discursive universe.
Let's concede that hegemonic imperialism is expiring.
Meanwhile, the supporters of a hegemonic state were away from the political scene.
For instance, Alejandro Colas argues that there is a strong link between the progressive expansion of capital and the establishment of an hegemonic structure of power by US.
Older boys participate in the construction and reinforcement of hegemonic masculinity within their own peer groups.
We can begin our discussion of the hegemonic masculinities approach by defining hegemony.
Al-Mulla spokesman of IS , Said to NINA '' what infiltrated of details confirmed that security forces in coordination with certain hegemonic political blocs are involved in anti human rights exercises inflicted on detainees whom were subjects of arbitrary , randomly arrests perpetrated with full approval of Prime Minster office .
Connell's theory of a hierarchical framework of masculinities, with hegemonic masculinity at the top, allows for the consideration of differences and relations between masculinities (Connell 2000, 10).
It created and hosted a group, the polisario, which it armed to serve its interests in the region, sacrificing its relations with the Kingdom and the building of the Maghreb to pursue a hegemonic strategy and create instability in the region", underlined Moussoud during a meeting of the UN 4th Committee.