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The defense treaty closely linked Ethiopian colonialism to American hegemonism (Ottaway and Ottaway, 1978: 150).
24) In short, the disposition of the Russian Orthodox Church to the issue of religion in the public schools is rather complex, but in the final analysis exemplifies its preferred position of ecumenical hegemonism.
It also proved useful that Thailand--a traditional rival of Vietnam for influence in Indochina--allied with China as a second layer of counterbalance against Vietnamese hegemonism.
The founders rejected that approach in the name of the natural moral law, which denies the legitimacy of expansion and hegemonism except in case of necessity.
In their place, new imperialism and hegemonism are rearing their ugly heads.
Not simply a matter of CIA manipulation, at issue was the establishment of an atmosphere that effectively allowed for the emergence of a stance that accepted American hegemonism as a positive force in a world menaced by the Communist danger.
People all over the planet are realizing that what is at stake is not just the fate of the people of Iraq but a deep fear of the consequences of an unprecedented hegemonism in the history of international relations.
My own graduate work was in East European history; my foreign research languages are Serbian, German, Slovene, and Hungarian; my visceral frames of reference for historical questions are quintessentially East European concepts such as nationalism, irredenta, great power hegemonism, lagging economic modernization, linguistic diversity, and cultural fault lines; my dissertation was a biography of a revisionist Yugoslav communist.
It is telling that Chomsky-style arguments gain use as a defense of violence on the grounds that it represents opposition to political hegemonism, as if this were sufficient justification of itself.
Huntington comes down hard against Western hegemonism.
Hard-liners point to China's regular calls for nations to resist "American hegemonism," and its "gunboat diplomacy".
The use of the terms neo-gunboat policy, neo-economic colonialism, and hegemonism in the white paper is designed to recall images of foreign domination and humiliation and to link historic ill will to the current Chinese sense of frustration with the West in general and the United States in particular.