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Similarly, those who speak of American hegemony after 1945 fail to note that the Soviet Union balanced U.
Second, liberal hegemony is liberal, Posen explains, because "it aims to defend and promote a range of values associated with Western society in general and U.
According to China Daily, Wang recalled former leader Deng Xiaoping's declaration, nearly 40 years ago, that China would never seek hegemony in the world.
It forces Muslims to explore ways on how to become intellectually and politically independent of American hegemony and perpetual Western interference.
Twelve-year-old Japanese table tennis prodigy Mima Ito has set her sights on challenging China's hegemony at the next Olympics after once again wowing audiences in Taiwan.
In a press statements upon return of the President of the Republic and the accompanying delegation from Addis Ababa after participation in the African Union Extraordinary and Ordinary Summits, the Minister of Information and Culture said that now there is a total rejection to the so-called the International Criminal Court (ICC) and all forms of hegemony and it was agreed that African issues shall be solved within the African framework.
Here Clark's aim is to consider whether and how hegemony can be considered as a primary institution of international society; in other words, whether the primacy of a single state can be legitimate.
Three years ago, the consensus among currency experts like Barry Eichengreen and Jeffrey Frankel was that an end to dollar hegemony in the next decade was all but inevitable.
The world public opinion has now understood the US lack of intelligence and security dominance after the collapse of the US political hegemony in the past," he added.
Khaled Saghiyeh, of leftist daily AL AKHBAR, accused outgoing Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri on January 14 of "monopolizing national power" based on a "program of establishing hegemony" over the country in place of Syrian hegemony which was ended in April, 2005, following the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
Summary: Rabat - Human rights were instrumentalized during the events of Laayoune for political ends as part of a strategy led by Algeria in order to impose its hegemony over the region, Communication Minister, Government spokesperson Khalid Naciri said on Thursday in Rabat.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will visit us and will send a message from Lebanon saying that the land of the Cedars is a fertile land for the Iranian project on the Eastern Mediterranean," Hamadeh said, adding, "He might not have the chance to discover that in the 'Lebanon colony' the majority of the people do not recognize the current local hegemony (Hizbullah's influence) and do not recognize rights based on killings and intimidation.