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HEIFER. A young cow, which has not had a calf. A beast of this kind two years and a half old, was held to be improperly described in the indictment as a cow. 2 East, P. C. 616; 1 Leach, 105.

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TABLE 6: Age and weight comparison of heifers classified as prepubertal and pubertal based on progesterone levels [Table omitted]
Heifer bought the 20,735-SF office building at 1424 E.
The similarities to the heifers and my twin sibling are spooky.
Here is a Reuters dispatch datelined Houston: "A rampaging heifer ran through a group of school children.
Topping the trade for the second consecutive month was an outstanding heifer consigned by Messrs R&A Harrison, Hazel Head Farm, Wigton selling for PS1750 Brian and Craig Davidson from Errolston Farm, Gretna sold three powerful heifers topping at PS1650 for a Cogent Twist daughter giving 33kg.
Champion female was one of five in-calf heifers presented by William Jones, Ysguboriau, Tywyn.
Sired by Caran Dafydd Ddu 2 and out of Cennen Siwan 15, she was one of a consignment of heifers from JR & D Francis, Gwynfe, Llangadog, Carmarthenshire.
Strong Calves (26): Heifers to pounds 390; Steers to pounds 285; Bulls to pounds 225 .
Joep van Mierlo, CEO of Heifer Nederland said: "120 Dutch dairy goats are to be distributed to 100 groups of 4 families, each group having at least one family with a HIV/Aids infected person.
A LIMOUSIN cross heifer from Brecon topped this year's Ruthin show potential cattle sale (Sat, Feb 25).
Halomark Production Sale of Pedigree Simmentals: Cows and calves to pounds 1400; In-calf cows to pounds 930; Bulling heifers to pounds 1020; Yearling heifers to pounds 690; Stock bulls to pounds 1340; Yearling bull pounds 1200.
Heifers in calf: Limousin PS1450 (x2), PS1400 Cocklet Hill Farm, Bulling Heifers: British Blue PS1380 (x2), PS1320 (x2) The Hill, PS1380 Cree Mills Walk, Limousin PS1350, PS1260 (x2), PS1180 Low Blaithwaite Farm, PS1300 Cree Mills Walk, PS1260 (x2) Hill Top, PS1220, PS1180 Sarkshields Farm, PS1200 (x2), PS1160 (x4) Crakeplace Hall, Aberdeen Angus PS1140 Cree Mills Walk.