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He elaborates on "different degrees of heinousness for war crimes.
As Winship remarks, "the heinousness of opponents needed to be magnified in order to get people to perceive them as opponents.
Sometimes, people are so moved to anger at the heinousness of a crime that they demonstrate outside and inside the courts.
arrests, with no variation for heinousness, for lesser or greater social
Instead, they should revolve around the nature of the threat posed by the Darfur rebellion, the disproportionate level of force used to put it down, and the sheer heinousness of the means allegedly employed.
Mukasey, who told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that in deciding whether waterboarding is legal, the administration has to weigh ''the heinousness of doing it, the cruelty of doing it balanced against the value .
Following her execution at Tyburn on 14 September 1767, Brownrigg's body was returned to Surgeons Hall in the Old Bailey where it was anatomized and, as the Gentleman's Magazine noted, her skeleton was later displayed in a niche "opposite the first door in the surgeons Theatre, that the heinousness of her cruelty may make the more lasting impression on the minds of the spectators.
The years between the advent of these new sins and the general recognition of their heinousness are few or many according to the alertness of the social mind.
288) Because of their heinousness and magnitude [crimes against humanity] constitute egregious attacks on human dignity, on the very notion of humaneness.
Despite the heinousness of his crime, the offender was classified as being at low risk for becoming a repeat offender based on validated risk assessment measures.
She seemingly depicts the Roman Catholic more unfavorably than the Jew, since in the French language, abominable connotes heinousness, foulness, and loathsomeness, while vilain is generally translated as "nasty" or "unpleasant.