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The socially reflective writing that characterized this group held sway in China well into the 1940s, when it was gradually eclipsed by more propagandistic literature.
The Tusci, as they were called by the Romans, gained great power in Italy and the western Mediterranean, and held sway over Rome until 509 bc, when the last Etruscan king was expelled from that city.
CRN's director of editorial research explained: "These resellers perceive a major new opportunity to sell white boxes to large corporations, allowing them to expand their business operations and directly challenge major vendors like Compaq and Hewlett-Packard, which have held sway in this market.
Kaewkanjana held sway on another windy day at Riviera's Couples layout, while Katsuragawa faltered with a 75 to yield his two-round lead.
Yet really and truly this was a day when goalkeepers and defenders held sway.
The high mark this year was EUR350,000 for a daughter of New Approach and is some way short of the previous sale-toppers, such as last year's EUR950,000 Dubawi filly or the EUR650,000 son of Montjeu who held sway in 2009.
Celtic failed to muster a shot on target in sweltering conditions at the AXA Stadium as their opponents held sway in what was both sides' first competitive match of the season.
And they are promising big top derring-do mixed with legendary Russian folklore in the form of Grigori Rasputin - the man some describe as a mystic and others as a mad monk, who held sway at the Tsar's court until his infamous murder.
They held sway for most of the 20th century and brought the country no benefits culturally, economically or in terms of self-worth.
Welshpool's pursuit of European soccer was frustrated in this goalless stalemate at Park Avenue as the two defences held sway on a bone-hard surface.
That sort of treatment of voters would probably make world headlines if it were to happen in a foreign country where the USA held sway.
Only now, and predominantly in Europe has secularism held sway over most societies