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MAY I say that I also remember the Harold Wilson years when Socialism held sway with a vengeance.
He said the Taliban held sway in five districts, where 146 illegal armed groups existed.
A false rail on the inside saw the bulk of the low-drawn runners race towards the middle and that group held sway with 8-1 winner Jamaican Bolt (drawn four) touching 25 in running.
MARK Webber has revealed it was his head rather than his heart that held sway when it came to deciding whether to remain with Red Bull or jump ship to Ferrari.
Yet really and truly this was a day when goalkeepers and defenders held sway.
THINGS have changed a bit since the non-PC dinosaurs held sway in our once macho police forces.
Vettel did find himself level on points with Red Bull team-mate Webber after the Monaco Grand Prix, but had to settle for second in the standings on that occasion as the Australian held sway by two victories to one.
Security officials said the Taliban destroyed several houses and killed nine men of a local Lashkar which was set up to challenge the militants who held sway in parts of Orakzai.
Defences held sway throughout and the 9-3 scoreline in favour of the visitors was down to a 3-1 penalty kick count.
The kangaroo has held sway over the lion over much of the recent past, barring the 2005 series in England regarded by many as the finest contest in living memory.
For 11 years the grocer's daughter from Grantham held sway in Downing Street in one of the most turbulent eras in recent political history.
NO, IT'S not the Blaydon Races but Gosforth Park Races, a Race Wednesday scene way back in 1895 when the horse tram held sway.