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An exact replica of a legal document in words and figures.

For example, the tenor of a check would be the exact amount payable, as indicated on its face.


noun cast, character, content, course, cut, drift, exemplum, feeling, form, gist, idea, import, manner, meaning, mode, mood, nature, purport, sense, sententia, significance, signification, spirit, stamp, subject matter, tendency, tone, trend, vein
See also: complexion, condition, connotation, content, context, degree, gist, import, magnitude, main point, meaning, mode, signification, spirit, state, substance, temperament


1 the exact words of a deed, as distinct from their effect.
2 an exact copy or transcript.
3 loosely, the meaning of a document. See also PROVING THE TENOR.

TENOR, pleading. This word, applied to an instrument in pleading, signifies an exact copy; it differs from purport. (q.v.) 2 Phil. Ev. 99; 2 Russ. on Cr. 365; 1, Chit. Cr. Law, 235; 1 Mass. 203; 1 East, R. 180, and the cases cited in the notes. In chancery practice, by tenor is understood a certified copy of records of other courts removed into chancery by certiorari. Gresl. Ev. 309.

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Ryan is lyrical and powerful at once, the ingredients for a true heldentenor.
Although the burly, bearded Heldentenor is in great demand with many of Europe's top companies and could sing back-to-back productions with a globetrotting lifestyle, he opts to pick and choose.
Brennen Guillory brings a genuine Heldentenor timbre to his bucolic songs, and Emma Curtis deploys an amazing range of colours in her introspective settings.
Janice Watson is an emotionally battered Ariadne, Katarszyna Dondalska's vocal tinkling matches her attractive personality as Zerbinetta, and Peter Hoare mercifully avoids hectoring and bleating in Bacchus' difficult Heldentenor writing.
Willingness and generosity are more in evidence here than singing of the most consummate control, though Canadian Heldentenor Alan Woodrow (well-known to British audiences) copes remarkably well with Guntram's difficult writing.
With his purity of sound and ease in the high tessitura, is there a Wagnerian heldentenor in his future?
Alan Woodrow deployed his potent heldentenor to convey the ruthless menace lurking behind Mao Tse-tung's public facade.
If shades of Lohengrin were even more evident than usual, that was partly because of the casting of a heldentenor in the title role.
With his light, muscular tenor (occasionally reminiscent of the young Jon Vickers), this is clearly a youthful Heldentenor in the making.